Lincoln’s call to action

Colson Whitehead  leu “Lincoln in the Bardo” e ficou siderado. Nós podemos começar a treinar o entusiasmo com “Dez de dezembro” (tradução de Isabel Castro Silva para a Ítaca) e “Pastoralia” (tradução de Rogério Casanova para a ANTÍGONA).

In describing Lincoln’s call to action, Saunders provides an appeal for his limbo denizens — for citizens everywhere — to step up and join the cause. As one graveyard slave puts it, inspired by the great man in his mourning: “Sir, if you are as powerful as I feel that you are, and as inclined toward us as you seem to be, endeavor to do something for us, so that we might do something for ourselves. We are ready, sir; are angry, are capable, our hopes are coiled up so tight as to be deadly, or holy: Turn us loose, sir, let us at it, let us show what we can do.”


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