Words that matter

truthMargaret Atwood, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Roxane Gay, Deepak Chopra, Ellen Pao, Reid Hoffman, and dozens of other influential voices reflect on the words that defined the year.

If there were ever a year that’ll take a long time to process, it’s 2017. (Probably because we spent most of it processing 2016.) With laws, leadership, and social norms changing at a pace so relentless our data plans can scarcely keep up, our mental energy is spent skimming endless push notifications, rather than taking the time to step back and think about what it all means.

From AI to cryptocurrency, #MeToo to #VegasStrong, and tax reform to net neutrality, millions of readers turned to Medium this year to read beyond the headlines, make sense of the senseless, and draw inspiration from fresh voices. Likewise, storytellers turned to Medium to share their experiences and expertise, writing with the kind of depth, nuance, and context that has the power to change — or at least open — minds. The potential of the conversations that begin here is just one reason, of many, that we believe words matter.

Começa aqui e depois salta para aqui.


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