Música para o chá das cinco

One of the more upbeat songs that came about was the track “Under The Wheels”.  Sergio Mendoza our keyboardist who wrote the music felt like it touched on a bit of the Latin and indie rock elements of artists like Los Fabulousos Cadillacs and The Clash, and it reminded me of the vibe from David Bowie’s album “Let’s Dance”.

Lyrically I imagined following a character wandering city streets on their skateboard with earbuds blasting while swerving in and around themes of anxiety and worldly pressures. The weight that the words convey ultimately gives way to the light and optimism of the rhythms and melody. It’s a sign of peace in this era of war machines, a path that brings us closer together to find resolve and solutions, “from the core to the seams the threads that we seek.


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