If you want to reach today’s youth, you need to get today’s youth.

youthSome brands are already there. For others, now is the time to bone up on what this new audience wants from you and expects of you. But keep these key guidelines in mind as you build out your strategy:

Deliver content on their terms, not yours.

Mobile-first means everywhere, all the time. Go where young people are and deliver your message in a way that’s appropriate to the platform, the time or the place.

Be creative and think about the entire experience. Work across platforms and don’t think virtual and IRL are different. They’re not.

Embrace diversity and difference in everything you do. Gen Z is all about the “You do you” mantra.

Be transparent and authentic. Stand for something and build your efforts around a purpose that will resonate with young people.

Tell a narrative that reflects who Gen Z really is, not who you want them to be. Be honest and entertaining.

Try something new. Stay tuned to the new and emerging platforms that young people are trying, and give them a try yourself.

The end result? You’ll learn something new about a generation that is disrupting and upending many of your marketing norms. And you’ll find ways to connect with them in a genuine and engaging way.

Para ler, na íntegra, na Adweek.


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